Union in Separation

Diasporic Groups and Identities in the Eastern Mediterranean (1100-1800)

edited by Georg Christ, Franz-Julius Morche, Roberto Zaugg, Wolfgang Kaiser, Stefan Burkhardt, Alexander D. Beihammer
Collana: Viella Historical Research, 1
Pubblicazione: Ottobre 2015
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Union in Separation presents a series of case studies on diasporic groups in the late medieval and early modern Mediterranean and Black Sea regions. It explores how Armenian, Byzantine/Greek, Florentine, Genoese, Hospitaller, Jewish, Mamluk, and Venetian communities characterized by diasporic identities and inserted into local contexts navigated religious and socio-ethnic boundaries as well as other categories of difference. The volume draws on a wide range of historical and social-scientific methods and offers new perspectives on the arbitration of difference in the wider eastern Mediterranean from Tana to Cairo and Marseille to Isfahan prior to the emergence of nation states. It provides not only an analytical toolbox for historical diaspora studies but also reveals how, under the looming threat of crusade and within the daily routines of trade, diasporic groups and their hosts negotiated modes of coexistence that oscillated between cooperation and conflict, integration and rejection, union and separation.

  • Preface
  • Methodologies in Mediterranean Diaspora Studies
    • Georg Christ, Diasporas and Diasporic Communities in the Eastern Mediterranean. An Analytical Framework
    • Guillaume Saint-Guillain, Venetian Archival Documents and the Prosopography of the Thirteenth-Century Byzantine World: Tracing Individuals Through the Archives of a Diaspora
    • Sergio Currarini, Socio-Economic Networks: An Introductory Discussion
    • Erik O. Kimbrough, Economic History in the Lab: The Impact of Institutional History and Geography on the Development of Long-Distance Trade
    • Lars Börner, Battista Severgnini, Genoa and Venice: Traders of Prosperity, Growth, and Death
  • Trading Diasporas in Byzantium and the Latin Empire (Thirteenth Century)
    • Günter Prinzing, In Search of Diasporas in the Byzantine “Successor State” of Epirus (c. 1210-1267)
    • Ekaterini Mitsiou, A Transcultural Society? The Empire of Nicaea (1204-1261)
    • Dimitrios Moschos, Negotium Graecorum: Trade as Theory and Practice in Ecclesiastical Contacts between the West and the World of Late Byzantium
    • Krijnie Ciggaar, Merchants in Frankish Syria: Adaptation, Isolation, Segregation and Union
  • Diasporic Groups in Mamluk Egypt
    • Peter Edbury, Reflections on the Mamluk Destruction of Acre (1291)
    • Julien Loiseau, Soldiers Diaspora or Cairene Nobility? The Circassians in the Mamluk Sultanate
    • Johannes Pahlitzsch, Byzantine Saints in Turkish Captivity in Anatolia (Late Thirteenth to Fourteenth Centuries)
    • Giuseppe Cecere, Between Trade and Religion: Three Florentine Merchants in Mamluk Cairo
    • Albrecht Fuess, Why Venice, not Genoa: How Venice Emerged as the Mamluks’ Favourite European Trading Partner after 1365
    • Cristian Caselli, Strategies for Transcultural Trade Relations: Florentine Attempts to Reproduce the Venetian Commercial System in the Mamluk Empire (First Half of the Fifteenth Century)
  • From the Mediterranean to Central Asia: Black Sea Trade and the Armenian Community
    • Angeliki Tzavara, Conflicts, Caravans and Silk: Some Aspects of the Venetian Presence in Trebizond (1371-1376)
    • Ievgen Khvalkov, Ethnic and Religious Composition of the Population of Venetian Tana in the 1430s
    • Angeliki Tzavara, Nunc habitator Tane. Venetian Merchants as Long-Term Residents in Tana (Fourteenth to Fifteenth Centuries)
    • Alexandr Osipian, Practices of Integration and Segregation: Armenian Trading Diasporas in Their Interaction with the Genoese and Venetian Colonies in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea (1289-1484)
    • Evelyn Korsch, The Sceriman between Venice and New Julfa: An Armenian Trading Network and its Sociocultural Impacts (Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries)
  • Diasporic Communities in Rhodes
    • Anthony Luttrell, Mixed Identities on Hospitaller Rhodes
    • Teresa Sartore Senigaglia, Empty Ghetto: Being Jewish on Hospitaller Rhodes between Discrimination and Representation
    • Pierre Bonneaud, The Influential Trade: Community of Western Merchants on Hospitaller Rhodes (1421-1480)
    • Jürgen Sarnowsky, Muslims and Jews on Hospitaller Rhodes (1421-1522)
    • Nicolas Vatin, The Insertion of the Order of Saint John in the Eastern Mediterranean between the Two Sieges of Rhodes (1480-1522)
  • Transcultural Flows in the Aegean (Thirteenth to Fifteenth Centuries)
    • Alexander Beihammer, A Transcultural Formula of Rule: The Byzantine-Frankish Discourse on the Formation of the Kingdom of Cyprus
    • Mike Carr, Papal Trade Licences, Italian Merchants, and Changing Perceptions of the Mamluks and Turkish Beyliks in the Fourteenth Century
    • Margit Mersch, Churches as “Shared Spaces” in the Eastern Mediterranean (Fourteenth to Fifteenth Centuries)
  • Transcultural Flows of Trade and Techniques
    • David Jacoby, Cross-Cultural Transfers of Industrial Technologies in the Later Middle Ages: Incentives, Promoters and Agents
    • Heinrich Lang, The Import of Levantine Goods by Florentine Merchant Bankers: The Adaptation of Oriental Rugs in Western Culture
    • Benjamin Arbel, Mediterranean Jewish Diasporas and the Bill of Exchange: Coping with a Foreign Financial Instrument (Fourteenth to Seventeenth Centuries)
  • Trading Diasporas and Commercial Institutions
    • Jared Rubin, Bills of Exchange, Financial Networks, and Quasi-Impersonal Exchange in Western Europe and the Middle East
    • Franz-Julius Morche, The Dolfin Connection: A Medieval Venetian Trade Network (1418-1420)
    • Christof Jeggle, Merchant Communities, Commercial Networks, and the Constitution of Markets
    • Regina Grafe, Was There a Market for Institutions in Early Modern European Trade?
  • Diasporas in Early Modern Italy
    • Guillaume Calafat, Osmanlı-Speaking Diasporas: Cross-Diasporic Relations and Intercommunity Trust between Marseilles, Tunis and Livorno (1600-1650)
    • Fabien Faugeron, The Venetian “Nation” in Sicily in the Second Half of the Fifteenth Century: The Example of the Valier Brothers’ Company
    • Stephan Sander-Faes, Merchants of the Adriatic: Zadar’s Trading Community around the Mid-Sixteenth Century
    • Andrea Caracausi, Foreign Merchants and Local Institutions: Thinking about the Genoese “Nation” in Venice and the Mediterranean Trade in the Late Renaissance Period
    • Isabella Cecchini, Florence on the Lagoon: A Strozzi Company in Early Modern Venice
    • Roberto Zaugg, On the Use of Legal Resources and the Definition of Group Boundaries: A Prosopographic Analysis of the French Nation and the British Factory in Eighteenth-Century Naples
  • Selected Bibliography
  • List of Figures
  • List of Maps
  • List of Tables
  • Abstracts and Keywords
  • List of Contributors and Editors
  • Index
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