Eroe, uomo, santo? Il paradosso della memoria di Giovanni Falcone

Autore: Charlotte Moge
In: Sanctorum. Scritture, pratiche, immagini. 1
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Hero, Man, Saint? The Paradox of the Memory of Giovanni Falcone

Giovanni Falcone’s remembrance has sustained the collective imagination and the anti-mafia movement. The evolution of the manner in which he is represented reveals different states in this memory-building process, which tends to paradoxically hesitate between heroising and humanising victims, but who are in fine sacralised by commemorations. After his murder by the Mafia, the construction of the judge’s memory was characterized, especially in the press, by the celebration of his heroic and exemplary commitment. Subsequently, representations progressively nuanced his heroism to allow his humanity, his fears and doubts, to appear. Nevertheless civic cult granted Falcone shows that the religiosity of memory practices tends to sacralise the remembrance of those who have fallen in the struggle against the mafia.