La “scomunica” ai mafiosi del 21 giugno 2014 tra filologia e storia

Autore: Davide Dainese
In: Sanctorum. Scritture, pratiche, immagini. 1
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The “Excommunication” of Mafiosi on 21 June 2014: between Philology and History

The essay investigates the homily Pope Francis delivered on June 21st 2014 at the end of his pastoral visit to the Italian diocese of Cassano allo Jonio (CS). In this speech, Francis’ condemnation of criminal organizations sounds different from the one that of John Paul II pronounced on May 9th apice1993, as Pope Bergoglio explicitly excommunicates those who are involved in Mafia affairs. Nevertheless, many aspects of this excommunication are still obscure ‒ as a matter of fact, it is too general and vague to be effective. In this framework, the essay aims to do a philological analysis of Francis’ homily.