Machiavelli’s Prince

Traditions, Text and Translations

edited by Nicola Gardini and Martin McLaughlin
Collana: Viella Historical Research, 7
Pubblicazione: Settembre 2017
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One of the high-points of Italian Renaissance humanism, Machiavelli’s The Prince immediately transcended the time and culture from which it had sprung, circulating throughout Europe and paving the road to an astonishing variety of discussions on power and liberty for centuries to come. Indeed, one could hardly think of a literary work whose reception has been more controversial and arguably more crucial to the fashioning of modernity. This volume gathers together the proceedings of a conference held in Oxford, in November 2013, to mark the 500th anniversary of the composition of The Prince. It explores pivotal aspects of the text’s complex identity, focusing on three interrelated areas: 1. The Prince’s own ways of appropriating ancient and modern traditions of political thought and ethics; 2. the textual history and interpretive details of the work; 3. translations of the treatise into foreign languages (including English and other translations), with their cultural adaptations and reconceptualizations of the original. All chapters offer highly original insights by leading experts on The Prince, shedding light on hitherto neglected topics and locating Machiavelli’s masterpiece in an intriguing network of intersecting perspectives.

  • Nicola Gardini, Martin McLaughlin, Introduction
  • I. Traditions
    • Robert Black, The Prince and the Political Thinker
    • Riccardo Fubini, (Re-)Constructing Order: Prudence and Will in The Prince
    • Mario Domenichelli, “Vita, militia: uel Togata, uel Armata”: Machiavelli’s téchne politiké
    • William Landon, Bridging the Supposed Chasm: Tyranny, Republicanism and Lucretius’ Influence on The Prince and the Discourses
    • Claudia Bonsi, Behind The Prince: Machiavelli as the Transcriber of the “Consulte e pratiche” of the Florentine Republic
    • Corinne Manchio, Intertextuality between The Prince and the Legazioni e Commissarie: The Foundations of Experience
    • Hilary Gatti, “El nome della libertà e gli ordini antiqui sua”: The Problem of Liberty in The Prince
  • II. Text
    • Giorgio Inglese, Editing Il principe, 1899-2013
    • Giorgio Scichilone, The Unnamed Machiavellian Prince: A Hypothesis
    • Eugenio Refini, “Sufficienti e fedeli”: Aristotelian and Biblical Patterns in The Prince, Chapter XXII
  • III. Translations
    • Germano Pallini, Breaking the Mirror: Poems of Praise in Early French Translations of The Prince
    • Alessandra Petrina, “A Treatise of several forms of Government”: A Sixteenth-Century English Translation of The Prince
    • Francesca Terrenato, The Prince in the Dutch Republic: Dutch and French Translations, 1615-1705
    • Martina Ožbot, Between Political Pragmatism and Literary Canonization: The Prince in Slovene Translations
    • Ritchie Robertson, Machiavelli in Germany, 1678-1810
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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