Regional History as Cultural Identity

edited by Kenneth J. Bindas and Fabrizio Ricciardelli
Collana: Kent State University European Studies, 3
Pubblicazione: Settembre 2017
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This book brings together scholars to reflect upon the significance and meaning of local and regional history, focusing on how these histories impact people’s cultural identity through traditions, culture, language, and politics. Scholars from all over the world analyze the process of communal identity construction ‒ the feeling of belonging to one state or nation regardless of one’s legal citizenship status ‒ by focusing on case studies from North America, South America, Africa, and Europe. By analyzing the cultural and social aspects of community formation through language, religion, symbols, politics, race, and blood ties, these papers reveal that national identity, rather than being an inborn trait, is more often a result of the presence of common elements in the daily lives of individuals.

  • Kenneth J. Bindas, Introduction
  • I. Transference of Law and Culture
    • Caspar Ehlers, Considering the Historiography of National Laws in the Carolingian Period
    • Laura Fenelli, From Calabria to Uruguay. The Global Atlas of the Miraculous Image of St. Dominic of Soriano and its Copies
    • Davide Lombardo, Creolization and Liquidity: Re-Reading Creolness in the 21st Century
  • II. Role of Government
    • Fabrizio Ricciardelli, Late Medieval City-States and the Origins of Modern Democracy
    • Lisa Gualtieri, The National Identity of the Republic of San Marino: The Challenges of a non-EU Country within the European Union
    • Arrigo Pallotti, Regional Solidarity and the Cold War: Tanzania, Zambia and the Decolonization of Zimbabwe
    • Kenneth J. Bindas, Regional as National: An Examination of 1930s Era World’s Fairs and Expositions in the U.S.A.
  • III. Meaning of Regional Identity
    • Helmut Flachenecker, The Christian Landscape in Southern Germany in the Aftermath of the Reformation. Religious Separation as a Source of Regional Identity
    • Timothy Scarnecchia, Harare Zimbabwe’s Fractured Landscape: Contested Memories of “Township” Histories
    • Natalia Piombino, Neapolitan Culture and the Narration of Italianness in the Early 1950s. Notes on Roberto Rossellini’s Voyage to Italy
    • Markus Naser, Franconian, Bavarian or German? Regional Identity and National Concepts in 19th Century Franconia
    • Fabrizio Ricciardelli, Afterword
  • Contributors
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