Italian Pop Culture

Media, Products, Imageries

edited by Fabio Corsini
Collana: Kent State University European Studies, 4
Pubblicazione: Giugno 2018
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What does the expression pop culture mean today? And how does it contribute to understanding a Country and a cultural group? This collection of essays, diverse in content, approach and perspective, tries to answer these questions. It aims at describing and figuring out the texture of Italian pop culture – as a meaningful juxtaposition between high and low, mass and elite, artistic and consumerist – in relation to the Italian mediascape and cultural context.

Through the mosaic of narratives produced by television, music, comics and novels, to name a few, and the mixture of genres and types of cultural products analyzed in every essay, the reader is allowed to further the knowledge of Italian pop culture and to get a glimpse of Italians and ‘Italian-ness’.

  • Fabio Corsini, Introduction: Working Out the Puzzle of Italian Popular Culture
  • Paolo Biondi, Understanding Italian Comics Culture: Hugo Pratt, the 9th Art and Politics
  • Marco Bracci And Edoardo Tabasso, Stil Novo. The Legendarily Adventurous Route of Italian Music in Search of Pop Maturity
  • Milly Buonanno, Fallen Heroes and Anti-Heroines: The Mafia Story in Italian TV Drama
  • Fabio Corsini, Italian Webseries: The New (yet Old) Way of Storytelling
  • Flavia Monceri, Porn as a Cultural Product
  • Anna Lucia Natale, In the Beginning There Was the Radio… Contexts and Genres of Radio Entertainment
  • Nicoletta Peluffo, The Adventures of Pinocchio: An Outcome of Popular Culture
  • Kristin Stasiowski, A Divine Comedy for All Time: Dante’s Enduring Relevance for the Contemporary Reader
  • Bernardo Valli, Italy and the Search for Modernity: At the Origins of Made in Italy
  • Contributors
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