Praxis, language and theory of political delegitimization in contemporary Europe

edited by Fulvio Cammarano
Collana: I libri di Viella, 273
Pubblicazione: Dicembre 2017
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The novel feature of this research is that it shifts the issue of legitimization/delegitimization from a vertical power set-up (meaning command/obedience between the wielder of power and the subjects) to a horizontal frame of relationship and recognition among political leaders competing to govern a State.
It is thus not delegitimization as a form of resistance or disobedience to a power on the part of those who ought to obey, but strategies of discourse and rhetoric by which legitimate politicians step beyond even heated political conflict and resort to branding the opponent as an enemy of the polity, dangerous to that community’s values if he/she should come to govern it.
In that “horizontal” perspective delegitimization indicates an attempt to transform a legitimate adversary into an enemy. Such a perspective, significantly, calls for a historical approach and becomes of central importance.

  • Fulvio Cammarano, Delegitimization as a historiographic issue
  • Stefano Cavazza, Processes of political delegitimization in Italy, France, Germany, UK, and USA from the 1870s to post-WW II
  • Paolo Macry, Legitimization and delegitimization of States and political regimes in contemporary Europe
  • Luigi Masella, Gap-periods in history and delegitimization in contemporary Europe
  • Roberto Pertici, Federico Mazzei, Political delegitimization in the showdown between nation and anti-nation
  • Renato Camurri, Political delegitimization as experienced in exile and emigration (1848-1948)
  • Giovanni Orsina, Guido Panvini, Delegitimizing political opponents in republican Italy
  • Benedetta Baldi, Linguistic and pragmatic devices in political communication: delegitimization of the opponent
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