I modelli classici nei racconti di guerra di Bartolomeo Facio

Autore: Giancarlo Abbamonte
In: I libri di Viella. 126

Bartolomeo Facio and His Classical Patterns in War Narrations

Although Facio’s work, entitled Rerum gestarum Alphonsi regis libri decem, mainly describes the contemporary conquest of the Kingdom of Naples by the Aragonese King Alfonso the Magnanimous, the historical events are often shaped according to the various patterns provided by classical authors. Thus, in one of Alfonso’s speeches to the troops we can find a direct quotation of Cicero’s first Oratio in Catilinam, or in the episode about the siege of Gerba and the return of the fleet to Trapani, Facio depicts Alfonso’s Tunisian enemies as if they were old Carthaginians, whilst the forced stop of the Aragonese fleet in Trapani allows the historian to establish a wisely disguised comparison with Aeneas’ stop at Trapani/Drepanum in the 5th book of the Aeneid.