Le «aspre battaglie amorose». Boccaccio e il poema (da Marte a Venere)

Autore: Giancarlo Alfano
In: I libri di Viella. 126

«Le aspre battaglie amorose»: Boccaccio and the Poetic Tradition\

Through a close reading of Boccaccio’s Teseida, the first «battle poem» in Italian literature, the author focuses on the relationship between Boccaccio’s work and its ancient models (in particular, Statius’ Thebais), on the structural elements of Boccaccio’s Teseida and the literary allusions presented in some parts of the text. Hence, we may recognize the role Boccaccio played in the passage from the classical epic code to the modern courtier code. This is well represented by clashes, though mortal in their endings, but with a happy ending, or the marriage between Emilia (the younger sister of Ippolita, the Queen of the Amazons) and a young Theban hero (the Nozze di Emilia of Boccaccian title). It concludes the work of civilization, which is traditionally attributed to Theseus, but verges it love ward.