Epica e strategie celebrative nel De proelio apud Troiam di Porcelio de’ Pandoni

Autore: Antonietta Iacono
In: I libri di Viella. 126

Epic and Encomiastic Strategy in Porcellio de’ Pandoni’s De proelio apud Troiam

Porcellio de’ Pandoni, a not very famous humanist from Naples, composed around 1465 a little poem entitled De proelio apud Troiam Apuliae urbem confecto a divo Ferdinando rege Siciliae, and dedicated to Antonello Petrucci, the secretary of Ferrante, King of Naples. This yet unpublished poem praises Ferrante’s victory over Anjou’s army at Troia the 18th August 1462, and it is an extraordinary example of Neolatin panegyric literature composed at the Neapolitan court. The essay points out that the poem belongs to the epic genre and contains references to classical poems, and especially to the Virgilian works.