La presa di Napoli di Carlo III di Durazzo nel pannello del Metropolitan Museum: nuove ipotesi

In: I libri di Viella. 126

The Cassone Panel Representing the Conquest of Naples by Charles III of Anjou-Duras in New York\

The Cassone panel representing The Conquest of Naples by Charles III of Durazzo against Otto of Brunswick, now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, is well-known to scholars. The most recent studies agree that the panel represents the battle of Anagni in June 1381 between the armies of Charles and Otto, that it was realized about 1381-1382, and that its donor was a Florentine. A new analysis of the arms depicted on the panel, the reconsideration of an unknown iconographic element, and a comparative reading of the representation in relation to ancient chronicles, suggest a revision of this hypothesis. In fact, it seems very probable that the Cassone was commissioned by Marguerite of Anjou-Duras, Charles’ wife, in the first years of the 15th century, and that it represents the last battle between Charles and Otto, which took place on the edge of Naples on 25th August 1381, ending in the conquest of CastelNuovo.