Contra Turcos. Alfonso d’Aragona e la retorica visiva della crociata

Autore: Joan Molina Figueras
In: I libri di Viella. 126

Contra turcos. Alfonso of Aragon and the Visual Rhetoric of the Crusade

Alfonso the Magnanimous was the main protagonist of many visual representations. These images were created with the aim of evoking Alfonso as the saviour of the Occident against the Turkish invaders. Prayers and speeches composed by humanists close to Alfonso supplied the proper atmosphere for the conception of some of these representations. Other images were influenced by values and cults of early medieval knighthood, which was still maintaining the miles Christi’s ideals. Also, another group of representations was inspired by apocalyptic prophecies claiming that the Monarch was the ideal candidate to ascend the universal throne. Such a wide range of objects, figurative images, and ephemeral representations offers a unique framework for understanding the importance of this visual rhetoric – one of the most effective means employed to evoke and transmit to a mainly courtly public one of the principal foundations of Alfonso’s mythical figure.