La congiura dei baroni nel Vallo di Diano e i suoi riflessi sulla produzione artistica: l’Andata al Calvario e il Compianto del convento della Pietà di Teggiano

Autore: Concetta Restaino
In: I libri di Viella. 126

The Baronial Conspiracy in Vallo di Diano and Its Reflection in the Artistic Production of the Time

This essay examines a fresco and a sculptural group in the Convent and in the Church of the Pietà at Teggiano, founded by the Sanseverino family. For reasons related to their purchase and their chronology, these works are connected to the conspiracy of the barons that took place also in the area of Vallo di Diano. The fresco, commissioned by Antonello Sanseverino, shows several features that allow to confirm the pro-French political orientations of the Sanseverino family in the 15th century. Such bias is suggested by the inclusion of Elzear de Sabràn, Earl of Ariano Irpino, collaborator of Robert of Anjou and Louis of Toulouse, and by the presence of the Franciscans with their saddlebags. The paper also suggests an interpretation in commemorative terms of the conspiracy of 1485-87. Furthermore, it is believed that the sculptural group of the Compianto located on the high altar of the Church of the Pietà was ordered by Antonello Sanseverino himself around 1497, in a close ideological, as well as formal, relation with the Compianto made by Guido Mazzoni in 1492 for Alfonso II of Aragon.