La battaglia nelle corrispondenze diplomatiche: stereotipi lessicali e punto di vista degli scriventi

Autore: Francesco Senatore
In: I libri di Viella. 126

The Battle in Diplomatic Correspondence: Lexical Stereotypes and Writers’ Viewpoints

Through a systematic linguistic perusal of the diplomatic sources, the author singles out the lexical constants in the descriptions of the battles produced by ambassadors, chancellors, militaries soon after the clashes between Angevins and Aragonese in Sarno, Saint Flaviano, Troia (1460-1462). An essential narrative core was already built up during the action. The places and the stages of the fighting were described with definitions that were standard and stereotyped, but unequivocal, because they recalled the typical situations of the war during the Renaissance. In these descriptions the physical elements – mountains, plains, hills, valleys, water courses, woods – were not considered in their own singular morphology, but in their tactical function. The war event was drastically summarized in one or two "scenes" regarded as fundamental, like in the pictorial and plastic representations.