Consuetudine, contratto, lucro individuale, uso domestico. Una riflessione sugli ideali economici a confronto nelle vertenze per le risorse del territorio alpino alla fine del medioevo.

Autore: Massimo Della Misericordia
In: I libri di Viella. 128

The conflict between the signori and the community for control of the territory of the Lombard Alps in the late Middle Ages was the occasion also for the expression of different economic values. The communities intended to submit all the farming-livestock, commercial, and artisan activities strictly to custom and statutory rules, with the aim of safeguarding first and foremost the needs of families and of the poor. They thus had to challenge resolutely the economic individualism of the most unscrupulous, profit-seeking signori who saw the land, pastures and woods as resources to be exploited arbitrarily. Backed up by the state authorities concerned above all with maintaining social peace, they succeeded finally in effectively affirming the principle that the community’s interest prevails over the interests of the individual.