Death, Sanctity, and the Cross

Crucified Saints in Image and Text

edited by Barbara Crostini and Anthony John Lappin
Collana: Sanctorum. Scritture, pratiche, immagini, 9
Pubblicazione: Settembre 2022
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A focus on crucified saints (like Christ in their death, unlike in its significance) has enabled this volume’s contributors to explore varied aspects of martyrdom, the ascription of sanctity, purification from sins, and the significance of multiple forms of crucifixion – both literal and metaphorical – from early Christianity to the present day, including examinations of the role of crucifixion in Islamic and secular settings, in its representation in sacred and non-Christian fiction, and in art.

Together these papers explore how the centrality of the crucifix that we sometimes take for granted took longer in affirming itself and how crucified saints played a significant role in mediating and establishing the rationale for this presence and guiding the understanding of the process of redemption.

  • Barbara Crostini and Anthony John Lappin, Background and Chapter Summary
  • Barbara Crostini, Assembling Crucified Saints: From Gnostic Doubles to Affirmations of the Incarnation
  • Fabrizio Petorella, Debating about the Cross: The Rhetoric of Crucifixion in the Passio Sancti Andreae Apostoli (BHL 428)
  • Marco Papasidero, The Torture of the Cross and the Crucifixion in Latin Hagiography from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages
  • Nunzio Bianchi, Cross and Crucifixion in Iamblichus’ Novel
  • Gianni Bergamaschi, “Christus eam thalamo crucis dotavit”: Julia, the Crucified Saint
  • Adriano Duque, Modelling Crucifixion from Peter of Capitolias to Furṭūn ibn Muḥammad (d. 939 CE)
  • Steffen Hope, Symbolic Crucifixion and Royal Sainthood: Two Examples from Benedictine Saints’ Lives (c. 985-c. 1120)
  • Andrew M. Beresford, Crucifixion in the Legend of Saint Bartholomew
  • Corinna Tania Gallori, “Our Way of Life”: The Crucifixion of the Regular Clergy and Its Tools
  • Marcos Nieto Jiménez, Wilgefortis as a Portuguese Ambassador: How Portugal Took Hold of the Spanish Liberata
  • Pablo Jesús Lorite Cruz, Saint Dismas: The Good Thief in Holy Week Processions
  • Irina Brändén, Vita Icons of Saint Paraskeva: Allusions to the Crucifixion in the Torture Scenes of the Saint
  • Felipe E. Rojas, “Más a Cristo has de imitar”: Francisquito’s Queer Role in Cervantes’ Los baños de Argel
  • Margherita Belli (†), The Martyrdom of Agnes Takeda and Companions
  • Carlo Pelliccia, Italian Hagiographic Literature on the Twenty-Six Martyrs of Japan (17th-19th Centuries)
  • Anthony John Lappin, Re-framing the Crucifixion: Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Poetry and the Cross
  • Contributors

In copertina: Eleanor Dickinson, Crucifixion of Dountes, 1988. Copyright © 1988 Eleanor Dickinson - All rights reserved. Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Religious Art, Saint Louis University, a gift of the Eleanor Creekmore Dickinson Charitable Art Trust.

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