The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily
Image Database

A Tribute to Caroline Bruzelius

edited by Paola Vitolo
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Pubblicazione: Ottobre 2022
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In 2021 a group of researchers and students on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean toasted ten years of The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database project ( This collection of historical images of medieval monuments in Southern Italy was launched in 2011. Its purpose was to document the complex history of this highly diverse patrimony with visual documents that testify to the cultural richness of the Italian South. Online since October 2016, the project was fostered by Caroline Bruzelius at Duke University (NC). It has now become an invaluable research and study tool thanks to her charisma and her indefatigable enthusiasm in the face of ever-new intellectual challenges. Both these gifts have helped her become as much a leading light in the world of Digital Humanities as she had already become in the field of medieval architecture. The papers presented in this volume, authored by both her colleagues and students, pay tribute to her and celebrate ten years of the project. They reap the harvest of the ambitious and visionary idea that Caroline Bruzelius planted to set it all in motion.

With a re-published essay by Caroline Bruzelius and Paola Vitolo (2016).

  • I. The History of a Project
    • Paola Vitolo, The Making of The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database. Celebrating Caroline Bruzelius
    • Sheila Dillon, Paul B. Jaskot, Caroline Bruzelius and the Transformation of Art Historical Research
    • Sarah K. Kozlowski, The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database Project: Looking Forward
  • II. The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database and Digital Humanities
    • William Broom, Caroline Bruzelius and an Early Digital Image Study Resource
    • John J. Taormina, The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database Project Creation: Making Concept into Reality
    • Hannah L. Jacobs, Reflections on Working with the Wired! Lab
  • III. Research Experiences
    • William Tronzo, Photographic Illustration and the Practice of Art History
    • Joseph C. Williams, Evidence and Abstraction in Scholarly Drawings of Historic Buildings: Three Illustrations of San Corrado in Molfetta
    • Olga Grlic, Bohemond’s Booty: Crusading Histories and Romance Ekphrases
    • Ronald G. Musto, A New View of Medieval Naples
    • Gabriella Cianciolo Cosentino, Fra decorazioni policrome e ambizioni politiche: l’ornamento medievale nell’Ottocento
    • Monica Esposito, Viaggiatori danesi in Sicilia alla scoperta dei Normanni
    • Jessica Williams, Imagining Architecture: Lala Aufsberg’s Photographs of the Bitonto Cathedral
  • IV. “Instagram Post” Style Texts 159
    • Maria Giovanna Barbuto, Ricostruzioni del passato
    • Francesca Carota, La cattedrale di Benevento
    • Michael O’Sullivan, The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Project and the Bombing of Naples (1943)
    • Julia Nasco, Munasterio ’e Santa Chiara
    • Francesca Meloro, Il restauro ottocentesco della facciata della cattedrale di Amalfi
    • Valentina Senatore, Il castello di Melfi
    • Brenden Li, Louis Ducros in Taranto
    • Emma Keaton, Edward Lear in Calabria
    • Cynthia Bailón Abad, La “cattedrale-fortezza” di Taormina
    • Paola Reitano, Walter Leopold in Sicilia
    • Alessia Garozzo, Randazzo nell’opera di Walter Leopold
  • Appendix. The First Publication on the Project
    • Caroline Bruzelius, Paola Vitolo, The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database

Cover illustration: Teodoro Duclère (1812-1869), Ravello, oil on canvas, Sorrento. Museo Correale di Terranova.

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