The Current State of Russian Folk Icon Painting

Nikodim P. Kondakov

Edited by Ivan Foletti, Adrien Palladino, and Zuzana Urbanová
Translated by Margarita Khakhanova and Sarah Melker
Collana: PARVA Convivia, 10
Pubblicazione: Novembre 2022
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pp. 208, ill., 12x19,5 cm, bross.
ISBN: 9791254691786
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In 1901 Nikodim Pavlovic Kondakov, one of the founders of art history in Russia and a specialist in medieval art, decided to undertake a surprising expedition. Driven by a desire to see firsthand the last places where devotional images - the famous icons - were produced in the traditional way, he braved the bumpy and uncertain roads of the Russian countryside. The book you hold in your hands, published for the first time in 1901 and now available to an international audience, is in fact much more than an account of this trip. The book guides the reader through the climate of pre-revolutionary Russia, as Kondakov travels in search of local pro-duction, seeking genuinely Orthodox manifestations of an art that he saw as a direct line stretching back to the medieval past. In his very personal style, Kondakov is ultimately on a mission to save the ancient art of icons, hoping to save an art form dwindling under competition from industrial production. Today, this book is more relevant than ever, questioning the roots of Russian culture, tradition, and its feeling of exclusivity. Framed by texts from leading scholars on Russian and Byzantine art, this volume is vividly illustrated by contemporary comic book artist Michele Foletti, giving life to the stories recalled by Kondakov.

  • Ivan Foletti, National Images and the "Russian Soul"
  • Nikodim P. Kondakov, The Current State of the Russian Folk Icon Painting
  • Michele Bacci, Out of Time and Space: Icons and the Controversial Temporalities of Pictorial Styles
  • Nadia Podzemskaia, Art, Craft, Creativity: Modern Faces of the Russian Icons
  • Index

Illustrations: Michele Foletti Typesetting & Graphic Design: Anna Kelblová

Ivan Foletti

Ivan Foletti is professor of art history at Masaryk University, Brno, where he specializes in the study of the historiography of Byzantine studies and in the art of Milan, Rome, and the Caucasus in the Late Antique and Early Medieval period. He is the head of the Center for Early Medieval Studies in Brno, editor-in-chief of Convivium, and director of the Hans Belting Library.

Nikodim Pavlovič Kondakov

Nikodim Pavlovič Kondakov (1844-1925) è stato un pioniere degli studi tardo-antichi e bizantini nell’Europa orientale prima e dopo la Rivoluzione del 1917, al punto da essere considerato uno dei padri, se non il padre, della storia dell’arte in Russia. Il terzo volume dell’Iconografia della Madre di Dio è stato pubblicato in italiano nel 2011 dall’editore Lipa.

Michele Bacci

Michele Bacci, Professor of Medieval Art History at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, is the author of several publications on the cultural and art-historical contacts of East and West in the Middle Ages and on the history of the religious practices associated with cult-objects and holy sites. His books include Il pennello dell’Evangelista (1998), Pro remedio animae (2000), Lo spazio dell’anima (2005), San Nicola il Grande Taumaturgo (2009) and The Many Faces of Christ (2014). He is editor-in-chief of the periodical Iconographica.

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