Current Trends in the Historiography of Inquisitions

Themes and Comparisons

edited by Irene Bueno, Vincenzo Lavenia, Riccardo Parmeggiani
Collana: I libri di Viella, 463
Pubblicazione: Novembre 2023
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pp. 412, 15x21 cm, bross.
ISBN: 9791254694879
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This volume launches the book series of “Inquire – International Centre for Research on Inquisitions” of the University of Bologna, a research network that engages with the history of religious justice from the 13th to the 20th century. This first publication offers twenty chapters that take stock of the current historiography on medieval and early modern Inquisitions (the Spanish, Portuguese and Roman Inquisitions) and their modern continuations. Through the analysis of specific questions related to religious repression in Europe and the Iberian colonial territories extending from the Middle Ages to today, the contributions here examine the history of the perception of tribunals and the most recent historiographical trends. New research perspectives thus emerge on a subject that continues to intrigue those interested in the practices of justice and censorship, the history of religious dissent and the genesis of intolerance in the Western world and beyond.

  • Introduction
  • I. Inquisitions in the Medieval West
    • Thomas Scharff, The Beginnings and Early Stages of the Medieval Inquisition: Traditional Interpretations and New Approaches
    • Irene Bueno, Papacy, Censorship and Government Through Investigation: The 14th Century
    • Jessalynn Bird, Inquisitions in France and the Crown of Aragon
    • Riccardo Parmeggiani, The Medieval Inquisition in the Italian Peninsula: A Historiographical Approach
    • Fiona Somerset, The Historiography of Anti-Heresy Repression in England
    • Thomas A. Fudge, Inquisitorial Culture in Medieval Central Europe
    • Kirsi Salonen, The Apostolic Penitentiary and Inquisition
    • Matteo Duni, Magic and the Witch-Hunt
  • II. The Iberian Inquisitions, Europe and the World
    • Kimberly Lynn, The Spanish Inquisition: Power, Minorities and Dissent
    • Claudia Geremia, Magical Objects and Inquisition in the Canary Islands (16th-18th Centuries)
    • Gabriel Torres Puga, Carlos Mejía Chavez, The Historiography of the Mexican Inquisition: Professionalisation and the Use of the Archive
    • M. Macarena Cordero Fernández, The District Court of the Lima Inquisition: A Historiographical Approach
    • José Pedro Paiva, Current Trends Regarding the History of the Portuguese Inquisition: What Has Been Done and What Remains
    • Bruno Feitler, Twenty Years of Historiography on the Portuguese Inquisition in Asia and in the Atlantic: Towards an Equilibrium?
  • III. Rome and the Congregations of the Curia
    • Vincenzo Lavenia, The Roman Inquisition: The Centre, the Peripheries and the Papacy
    • Giorgio Caravale, Censorship: Rome and the Others
    • Andreea Badea, Roman Censorship and the Shaping of a Catholic Thought Collective
    • Agnès Desmazières, The Inquisition After the Inquisition: Permanence and the Reshaping of Inquisitorial Practices in the Modern Holy Office
  • Index of Names
  • Index of Places

Inquire – International Centre for Research on Inquisitions

Series Editors:
V. Lavenia, R. Parmeggiani, I. Bueno

Cover illustration: Detail from the frontispiece of Luis de Páramo, De origine et progressu officii Sanctae Inquisitionis, Matriti, ex Typographia Regia, 1598.

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