Cultural Interactions in the Medieval Subcaucasian Region: Historiographical and Art-historical Perspectives Vol. II

Approaches to Sacred Space(s) in Medieval Subcaucasian Cultures

Collana: Convivia, 4
Pubblicazione: 2023

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Analyzing some of the most remarkable images, build-ings, and spaces in the Southern Caucasus between Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, this volume is an invitation to see Subcaucasian sacred spaces from the vantage point of their early devotees and beholders. These essays follow a series of case studies ranging from the division of space in churches to the liminal borders of these divisions, to pilgrimage dynamics, images, and liturgy. The authors of this volume investigate the ways in which different socio-cultural groups living in the Caucasian area interacted not only through their artistic and architectural projects, but also conceptually and intellectually through divergent theories and practices concerning living spaces, com-munal shared heritages, and the human as well as the supranatural spheres.

  • Preface
    The Fribourg Team
  • On the Spatialization of the Sacred in Caucasian Cultures
    Michele Bacci
  • Gendering Sacred Space in Early Georgian Churches
    Natalia Chitishvili
  • The Construction of Sacred Spaces in Thirteenth-century Armenia: Liminal Experience and Spiritual Expectations Within the Gawit‘
    Gohar Grigoryan
  • Monastic Landscape. Rk’oni as Example of a Caucasian Multi-church Monastery
    Thomas Kaffenberger
  • On the Road: at’eni Sioni in the Pilgrims’ Eyes
    Ivan Foletti, Margarita Khakhanova
  • Iconic Spatiality: Image, Text, and Devotional Practice
    Manuela Studer-Karlen
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • Copyrights


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