«Le estere». Immigrazione femminile e lavoro domestico in Italia (1960-80)

Autore: Alessandra Gissi
In: Meridiana. 91
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The analysis of female immigration is fundamental to reconsider the consolidated periodization that places the arrival, analysis and narration of the flows to Italy only from the eighties of the twentieth century. Within a research still in its early stages, this contribution aims to investigate some features of female foreign immigration and its reception in public discourse between the late sixties and seventies of the twentieth century. This is an analysis conducted through the first investigations of different origins and through a survey of the daily and periodical press, including the feminist one. Data and narratives contribute to analyze the construction of paradigms – visibility, invisibility, subalternity, rights, racialization – linked to female immigration and to a specific sector of employment such as domestic work.

Keywords: Female immigration; Domestic Workers; Sixties; Seventies; Italy.