Una filosofia della sicurezza e dell’ordine. Il governo dell’immigrazione secondo Marco Minniti

Autore: Enrico Gargiulo
In: Meridiana. 91
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In Italy, Marco Minniti was appointed Minister of the Interior in December 2016. Since then, he has not radically changed the norms and the policies about immigration, although he has added some original elements. Specifically, Minniti has proposed an actual “philosophy” of the immigration management, hinging on the signifiers of “order” and “security”. The article aims to reveal this philosophy by focusing on both its material and ideological dimensions. While the first consists of concrete policies and actions, the second has to do with the values inspiring political choices and the reasoning that justifies them. To this end, two different kinds of empirical evidence are used in the analysis: formal acts, such as laws, decrees, plans, and circulars; and discourses, contained in press conferences, public speeches, and interviews with newspapers.

Keywords: Immigration Management; Security; Public Order; Integration.