Antifascismo e Resistenza visti dalla Sicilia

Autore: Rosario Mangiameli
In: Meridiana. 91
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The essay analyzes the impact on the far Sicilian society of the Mid-Northern Italy liberation struggle against the fascism. Returning partisans are often isolated and misunderstood and they are suspected of being dangerous subversives. Above all, the partisan movement in Sicily is not a politically solid and territorially organized one. In Sicily, the legacy of the liberation struggle is carried on by the original and often conservative antifascism. For these reasons, the mutual understanding between the two parts of Italy, divided by the front-line, is very difficult. During the winter of 1944-45, the popular movements against the call to arms in the liberation army [Moti del Non si parte] represent the most dramatic aspect of this inability to understand each other. Just during the Sixties, the national political parties can involve Sicily in the public narration of the Italian Resistance Movement.

Keywords: Mob in Southern Italy; Resistance Movement and Sicily; Antifascist Legacy.