L’empire de Samori Touré : pour un point de vue africain de l’histoire coloniale (Mallam Abu, Labarin Samori, 1914)

Autore: Elara Bertho
In: Africa. N.S. I/1,2019
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Focusing on an unpublished ajami manuscript written in Hausa by Mallam Abu in 1914, this article analyses the story of Samori Touré with an African view. The translation from Hausa to French of this manuscript provides an insight of the arrival of the colonization in West Africa. Based on archival investigations, this article presents the historical and intellectual context of the manuscript. It also gives literary analyses on the formulaic style and repetitions of this original source, which describes Samori Touré both as guilty and heroic.

keywords : hausa, mallam abu, samori touré, colonial history