Asia Maior. Vol. XXVIII, 2017. Asia in the Waning Shadow of American Hegemony

Testata: Asia Maior • Anno di pubblicazione: 2018
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pp. 464, ISBN: 9788833130446
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  • Asia Maior. The Journal is an open-access journal, whose issues and single articles are freely available from the think tank webpage: | Vol. XXVIII / 2017
  • Michelguglielmo Torri, Asia Maior in 2017: The unravelling of the US foreign policy in Asia and its consequences
  • Marco Milani, Korean Peninsula 2017: Searching for new balances
  • Francesca Congiu & Christian Rossi, China 2017: Searching for internal and international consent
  • Sebastian Maslow & Giulio Pugliese, Japan 2017: Defending the domestic and international status quo
  • Aurelio Insisa, Taiwan 2017: Stalemate on the Strait
  • Bonn Juego, The Philippines 2017: Duterte-led authoritarian populism and its liberal-democratic roots
  • Elena Valdameri, Indonesia 2017: Towards illiberal democracy
  • Nicola Mocci, Cambodia 2016-2017: The worsening of social and political conflicts
  • Pietro Masina, Thailand 2017: Political stability and democratic crisis in the first year of King Vajiralongkorn
  • Matteo Fumagalli, Myanmar 2017: The Rohingya crisis between radicalisation and ethnic cleansing
  • Marzia Casolari, Bangladesh 2017: The Rohingya’s carnage
  • Michelguglielmo Torri & Diego Maiorano, India 2017: Narendra Modi’s continuing hegemony and his challenge to China
  • Michelguglielmo Torri, India 2017: Still no achhe din (good days) for the economy
  • Matteo Miele, Nepal 2015-2017: A post-earthquake constitution and the political struggle
  • Fabio Leone, Sri Lanka 2017: The uncertain road of the «yahapalayanaya» government
  • Marco Corsi, Pakistan 2017: Vulnerabilities of the emerging market
  • Diego Abenante, Afghanistan 2017: Trump’s «New Strategy», the Af-Pak conundrum, and the crisis of the National Unity Government
  • Luciano Zaccara, Iran 2017: From Rouhani’s re-election to the December protests
  • Adele Del Sordi, Kazakhstan 2017: Institutional stabilisation, nation-building, international engagement
  • Reviews
  • Appendix