Berberization and its Modern Artifacts

Autore: Ramzi Rouighi
In: Storica. 67-68 • anno XXIII, 2017
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References to ancient and prehistoric Berbers have been standard in the last two centuries, even if historians have long known that the name «Berbers» was of medieval Arabic origin. At the heart of this anachronism is the notion that the Berbers are the region’s indigenous inhabitants, an idea that has been critical to the development of the field of Berber studies. Drawing attention to the modern construction of Berbers, this article identifies some of the most salient features of this Berberization in view of eliciting research based on new historicizing grounds.

Parole chiave: Berberi; Nazionalismo; Razza; Etnogenesi.

Keywords: Berbers; Nationalism; Race; Ethnogenesis.