Tempo della storia e tempo delle neuroscienze. Una proposta di discussione

Autore: Antonio Trampus
In: Storica. 67-68 • anno XXIII, 2017
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Starting from the conception of time in the field of cognitive neuroscience (duration, subjectivity, memory), this essay analyzes the way in which the sense and the perception of time are discussed by the most recent historiography. According to this analysis, it is necessary not only to compare the time of Western society with that of other cultures, and with the processes of globalization and de-globalization, but it is also necessary to re-discuss the conception of time in historians and open up to comparison with other disciplines. Human brain not only «creates» time, but also «manipulates» it, producing a feeling / illusion of simultaneity, and this opens up the question if it is appropriate to consider a new type of historical narration, capable of intercepting questions about themes that involve man with his cognitive abilities, emotions, consciousness, in the direction of a «neurohistory».

Parole chiave: Tempo; Neuroscienze; Narrazione storica; Neurostoria.

Keywords: Time; Cognitive neuroscience; Historical narrative; Neurohistory.