I miracoli fra scienza e storia. Il sangue di san Gennaro, la Sindone e altre reliquie

Autore: Pasquale Palmieri
In: Storica. 67-68 • anno XXIII, 2017
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This contribution draws on historiographical trends developed in recent years about the role of relics in the Christian world, with a focus on the Italian and European context. The study of cults, holiness, miracles and sacred objects from the Middle Ages to the present time raises important issues in the public space today, prompting us to reflect on the political use of history, and on the relationship between humanities and science. This essay examines the primary sources historians use in their investigations of modern miracles and relics, distinguishing between new evidence and the return to well-known documents with new questions.

Parole chiave: Miracoli; Scienza; Spazio pubblico; Reliquie; Santità; Magia; Devozione.

Keywords: Miracles; Science; Public Space; Relics; Sanctity; Magic; Devotion.