Lutero 2017: storici/storiche e la biografia del Riformatore. Note di lettura ai margini del cinquecentenario della Riforma

Autore: Daniela Solfaroli Camillocci
In: Storica. 67-68 • anno XXIII, 2017
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This article offers a reflection on changes and continuities in the biographical studies on the Reformer Martin Luther, after the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. How academicals researches confront the publishing logic of the multiplication of anniversary biographies, and the current memorialization of historical origins of the Reformation? A quick report of journalistic echoes of some religious friction related to celebrations in Italy and in Germany, and the review of five recent biographical essays (Silvana Nitti, Lutero; Lyndal Roper, Martin Luther. Renegade and Prophet; Adriano Prosperi, Lutero, gli anni della fede e della libertà; Volker Reinhardt, Lutero l’eretico. La Riforma protestante vista da Roma; Denis Crouzet, Charles Quint empereur d’une fin des temps), allow us to focus a significant tension in the actual understanding of the historical and cultural modernity of Luther as a chief reformer.

Parole chiave: Martin Lutero; Biografia; Cinquecentenario Riforma; Recensione.

Keywords: Martin Luther; Biography; 500th Anniversary of the Reformation; Review.