Un ponte ancora aperto? Alcune note sull’emigrazione siciliana verso gli Stati Uniti durante il fascismo

Autore: Manoela Patti
In: Meridiana. 92
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During the 1920s, after the promulgation by US government of the Quota Acts (1921 and 1924), and after the new fascist policies about emigration in Italy (1926), we register a dramatic decrease of the transatlantic migration flows from Italy to the US. Focusing on the case of Sicily, one of the region, which had sent more emigrants from Italy to the US during the Great Migration, this essay analyses the issue of migratory waves from Southern Italy to the US during the Fascism. Although it could be complicated to investigate the routes of an «unruled» migration, many different sources show some hypothetical lines of research. In fact, despite of the reshaping of migration policies, some traditional networks between Sicily and America are still working. For example, some new researches about transnational Mafia reveal the existence of dynamic Sicilian-American networks in the interwar years. Likewise, many Italian-American memories and biographies indicate that for Sicilians the bridge connecting Italy and America was uninterrupted even during the fascism.

Keywords: Transatlantic migrations; Fascism; US; Migration Policies.