Introduzione. Altre storie politiche: la riflessione teorica e storiografica di Anna Rossi-Doria

Autore: Vinzia Fiorino
In: Genesis. XVII/ 2 , 2018
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Anna Rossi-Doria was an important and authoritative Italian historian, who first concerned herself with the peasant movements of Southern Italy, then for a long time with the history of suffragist and feminist movements, and finally with the Holocaust and the recollections of deported women. This issue collects essays by scholars of different generations that go through her entire historiographical path, focusing on the peculiarities of her reflections: what she always regarded as the very close link between feminism and women’s history; the great attention she paid to «giving a voice to the silence» of those who were excluded (peasants, women, the deportees to concentration camps); the possibility of harmonizing the specificity of women’s rights with universal rights; overcoming the rigid opposition between history and memory.