Asia Maior. Special Issue n. 1/2018. Foreign Aid in Asia: Traditional and «New» Donors in a Changing Development Landscape

Testata: Asia Maior • Anno di pubblicazione: 2018
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pp. 148, ISBN: 9788833131023
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  • Lorella Tosone & Angela Villani, Traditional and «new» donors in Asia: An introduction
  • Angela Villani, A Historical perspective on South-South cooperation: A view from the UN
  • Alessandra Testoni, The Indian model of South-South cooperation: Broader international cooperation in a historical perspective
  • Lorella Tosone, China and the development discourse at the United Nations. Multilateralism «with Chinese characteristics»?
  • Nicola Mocci, History of Japanese cooperation in Cambodia beyond realist and idealist approaches
  • Guia Migani, Looking for new forms of cooperation: EU-ASEAN relations