Boccaccio copista della Commedia : un'analisi della variantistica

Autore: Sonia Tempestini
In: Critica del testo. XXI/2,2018
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Boccaccio copista della Commedia: un’analisi della variantistica

The three copies of Dante’s poem transcribed by Boccaccio constitute a benchmark in his intellectual history. Boccaccio copied, between 1355 and 1365, the Commedia in manuscripts Toledano 104.6 (To), Riccardiano 1035 (Ri) and Chigiano L VI 213 (Chig). The author collated them entirely and their comparative analysis revealed not only their genetic relations but also much about Boccaccio’s editorial practice. In this paper I analyse some of the most significant variants, suggesting that they are Boccaccio’s own innovations, particularly in the Riccardiano and, most of all, in the Chigiano.