Las enmiendas de los doctos : nuevo estudio crítico y textual de la edición de La Celestina de Salamanca 1570

Autore: Francesca Leonetti
In: Critica del testo. XXI/2,2018
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Las enmiendas de los doctos: nuevo estudio crítico y textual de la edición de //La Celestina de Salamanca 1570

In the complex textual problems posed by La Celestina shows, the edition published by Mathias Gast and promoted by Simón Borgoñón in Salamanca in 1570 was renowned as a cultured revision of the work for having restored some original readings. The edition, according to important scholars of La Celestina, follows the trend to improve the work through conjecture «de muchos errores que antes tenía», according to what is written on its frontispiece. My aim is to demonstrate through some examples that, in spite of the information given us and its public acclaims, that these emendationes corresponded to an accurate revision of a low number of loci critici, which restore the text and its lectio difficilior.