Monologismo, plurivocità e sfondo dialogico nell'epica romanza

Autore: Antonio Pioletti
In: Critica del testo. XXI/2,2018
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Monologismo, plurivocità e sfondo dialogico nell’epica romanza

The article centres on the thesis, still debated in critical studies, that epic poetry, both Classical and Romance and above all French Medieval epic, have a clearly monologic nature and an objective and totalizing dimension in the representation of reality. The article examines the main features of some epic Romance texts, such as the Couronnement de Louis, the Chanson de Guillaume, the Cantar de mio Cid and the Cantar de los Infantes de Lara, as well as, for the Classic epos, the Iliad, for the Anglo-Saxon epos, Beowulf, for the Byzantine area, Dighenís Akritis. The theories on the epos by Hegel, Lukács and Bakhtin are given critical attention and the conclusion, which goes against the stereotype still dominant today, is that in the epic we see manifest, albeit in different terms with regard to the the Romance, a plurivocality and a pluristylism that are not obscured by the monologic tendency.