Tra poculum amoris e poculum mortis. Dai classici augustei ai poeti d’oc e d’oïl

Autore: Luciano Rossi
In: Critica del testo. XXI/3,2018
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The article moves from the enigmatic start of Dido’s tale in which a diabolical trio offers the caste heroin a powerful love filter that will make her lose her senses, subjecting her to the unbridled passion that will lead to her suicide. The article discusses how this exemplary tale was reworked in the twelfth century in the Occitan and Old French literatures, eventually dividing into two different streams, one on the loves of Aeneas and Lavinia which lead to a happy ending (not discussed here), and the other, desperately tragic, narrating the vicissitudes of Tristan and Isolde.