L’argine di «Meridiana»: oltre il divario, oltre gli stereotipi

Autore: Gabriella Corona
In: Meridiana. 94

This issue of «Meridiana» reflects the debate done during the congress settled in Naples (27-29 of September 2018) for the celebration of its thirtieth anniversary. Explaining the published articles in this issue, the introduction analyzes the history of «Meridiana» from the origin to the present and deals with the evolution of the way by which the journal studied its main topic: the South of Italy. The author tries to answer to some questions emerged during the congress. Which is the inheritance of the journal? Which interpretative categories can considered valid yet and which obsolete? Which are the future perspective for the study of the South? Does the study of the Italian South make sense today? Nevertheless, fundamental historical changes during the last decades modified the scientific interests of the journal. The critical approach and analytical method founded on the deconstruction of the general and stereotypical category «Mezzogiorno», or «South» as a whole, remains one of the most important and valid today conquest of «Meridiana».

Keywords: «Meridiana»; South of Italy; Thirtieth Anniversary; Scientific Inheritance.