La lunga strada di «Meridiana». Una nota sui trent’anni della rivista

Autore: Rocco Sciarrone
In: Meridiana. 94
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The original intention when the review «Meridiana» was first established, was to bring together diverse areas of research with a focus on the South of Italy, but from a more critical perspective than the «traditional» approaches adopted when dealing with the question of Italy’s South, with the specific intention of going beyond the existing dualistic views of the country’s development. This implied seeing the South not as a separate field of study, as if it were a subject with its own character requiring a separate approach. The objective of the new review, on the contrary, was to study the South of Italy, complete with all its own specific characteristics, as a «normal» part of the world like any other. To launch this project, a substantial, heterogeneous group of scholars from a variety of different fields – historians, economists, sociologists, anthropologists and scientists – were brought together. The article reconstructs the «road» taken by «Meridiana» over the course of its thirty-year existence, offering a brief overview of the number of authors and articles published, of the fields of study of such authors, and of the subject areas dealt with in their articles. At the same time, it aims to illustrate the aspects of continuity and change witnessed during the period in question.

Keywords: «Meridiana»; The South of Italy; History and Social Science.