Non c’è Sud senza Nord

Autore: Alfio Mastropaolo
In: Meridiana. 94
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Southern Italy is a place among many others. This is «Meridiana»’s fundamental contribution to renewing studies on it. At the same time for «Meridiana» the South is an extremely differentiated space. This article is willing to argue that the destiny of Southern Italy is closely connected to the destiny of other regions of Italy. The South is as we know it not because of its supposed intrinsic cultural backwardness, inherited from its history. It is what it is for the ways in which it met, after the unification, the other Italian regions, to which happened the same thing: they are what they are because they met the South and because of the way they met it. It is not a proper job for social scientists to go hunting for vices and virtues. Their job is to describe it and to try to explain its state within a web of interdependencies once with other parts of the country and nowadays global.

Keywords: Mezzogiorno; Italy; Ruling classes.