Le disuguaglianze nel Mezzogiorno e le loro conseguenze per lo sviluppo economico

Autore: Maurizio Franzini
In: Meridiana. 94
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The main thesis of this paper is that the prevailing interpretations of the development issues in the Italian Mezzogiorno pay too little attention to economic inequality not with the Centre-North of the country, but within the area which, on the contrary, it is an important phenomenon both in itself and for its several implications. The paper is organized as follows: it starts with the presentation of the main data on income and wealth inequality in the Mezzogiorno; in the following section, it recalls the possible channels through which inequality can influence economic and social development focusing, in particular, on its impact on the quality of institutions; then it suggests why inequality within the South can make for the persistence of an extractive society based mainly on the appropriation of rents while hampering the emergence of an inclusive dynamic society. Finally, the paper indicates a set of policies, which can foster the development of the Mezzogiorno by tackling internal economic inequalities.

Keywords: Economic Inequality, Mezzogiorno, Institutions, Rents.