Asia Maior. XXIX / 2018. Reacting to Donald Trump’s Challenge

Testata: Asia Maior • Anno di pubblicazione: 2019
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pp. 446, ISBN: 9788833132419
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  • -Asia Maior. The Journal is an open-access journal, whose issues and single articles are freely available from the think tank webpage: | Vol. XXIX / 2018
  • Foreword
  • Essays
    • Francesca Congiu, China 2018: Bringing the party back into state institutions
    • Barbara Onnis, China’s Foreign Policy 2018: Implementing the China Dream
    • Marco Milani, Korean peninsula 2018: The calm after the storm
    • Giulio Pugliese & Sebastian Maslow, Japan 2018: Fleshing out the «Free and Open Indo-Pacific» strategic vision
    • Aurelio Insisa, Taiwan 2018: Heavy Setbacks for the Tsai Administration
    • Scott Edwards, Malaysia 2016-2018: An uncertain and incomplete transformation
    • Pietro Masina, Thailand 2018: A country suspended between an illiberal regime and the hope of a democratic transition
    • Nicola Mocci, Vietnam 2017-2018: Strengthening the legitimacy of the VCP
    • Matteo Fumagalli, Myanmar 2018: Botched transition and repatriation plan
    • Marzia Casolari, Bangladesh 2018: Sheikh Hasina’s triumph
    • Michelguglielmo Torri & Diego Maiorano, India 2018: Political uncertainty and economic difficulties
    • Michelguglielmo Torri, India 2018: The resetting of New Delhi’s foreign policy?
    • Matteo Miele, Nepal 2018: The Communist search for new political and trade routes
    • Fabio Leone, Sri Lanka 2018: The Unfinished Drama of an Island State Democracy
    • Marco Corsi, Pakistan 2018: General elections and the government of Imran Khan
    • Filippo Boni, Afghanistan 2018: Parliamentary elections and regional power shifts
    • Luciano Zaccara, Iran 2018: The year of living dangerously
  • Reviews
  • Appendix