Dɔrɔ. Ethnography of a Ritual Festival in Northern Ghana

Autore: Luca Beneventi
In: Africa. N.S. I/2,2019
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By providing an ethnographic description of the main events that unfold during the period of the Dɔrɔ ritual festival, the author shows the vitality and the complexity of ritual practices in Northern Ghana today. The festival, performed by the Kuole people of Tanchara, is a multi-faceted event that speaks to such key anthropological concerns as secrecy, taboo, fertility, sexuality, marriage and social memory. The exploration of the complexity of this event is supported by constant reference to the social organisation of the community and its system of religious belief. Dɔrɔ is an eccentric and jealously guarded occurrence which escapes the logic behind the organisation of neo-traditional festivals that thrive in the region.

Keywords: Ethnography; Ritual; Festival; Northern Ghana; Dɔrɔ