La storia di Troia secondo l’anonimo del Partenopeus de Blois

Autore: Lucilla Spetia
In: Critica del testo. XXII / 3, 2019
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The Partenopeus de Blois reveals itself as a forerunner of the new romance genre in terms of structure and declined motifs. In particular it can be defined as the first Merovingian romance, because it is the first in France to bring back the myth of the Trojan origins of the Franks interpreted in a very original way, and at the same time provide a – historically founded – genealogy of the first sovereigns up to Clovis, linked to Christianity. In order to exalt the family of Counts of Blois, with its obscure origins and with a non-exciting past, the anonymous author also writes for the benefit of the French monarchy, suppeorted by Counts of Blois. But above all, the author in claiming for his writings the status of estoire, even though they were founded on a fable as Sarrasins, reveals his rivalry with the author of the Roman de Troie, which may help us determine his identity.