From Alexander to Caesar: the Roman de Perceforest

Autore: Giulia Boitani
In: Critica del testo. XXII / 3, 2019
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The paper traces the Roman de Perceforest’s evolving inter-textual relationships with the Alexander (Jaques de Longuyon’s Voeux du Paon), the matière de Rome (Horose, the Faits des Romains) and the British chronicle (Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia Regum Britanniae). These literary ties with antiquity – successively forged and broken by the romance’s author – follow a genealogical pattern which allows for the gargantuan text to deploy its narrative in accordance with the traditional concept of translatio imperii et studii. At the same time, the romance’s original re-configuration of the dichotomy between “Greeks” and “Trojans” permits a profound re-writing of the intertexts themselves, leading to the Hellenisation of European history against traditional narratives of Trojan foundation.