Fascismo, antifascismo, spirito del tempo. A proposito di un dibattito in corso

Autore: Salvatore Lupo
In: Storica. 72 • anno XXIV, 2018
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The essay analyzes the intellectual and political debate on the legitimacy of the use of the words «fascism» and «anti-fascism» in today’s Italy. One of the most problematic points is that the term «fascism» has always been referred to diverse objects. This happened in the years of the early Fascist movement as well as during the Fascist regime, as the essay tries to show by retracing the historiographical debate. This ambivalence continued to apply during the second half of the twentieth century.

Parole chiave: Fascismo; Antifascismo: Italia contemporanea

Keywords: Fascism; Anti-fascism; Contemporary Italy