Africa. N.S. II/1, 2020.

Testata: Africa • Anno di pubblicazione: 2020
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  • Articoli / Articles
    • Jon Abbink, On “Good Governance”: Towards Reconciling State and Vernacular Views in Southwest Ethiopia
    • Erika Grasso, Mapping a “Far Away” Town: Ethnic Boundaries and Everyday Life in Marsabit (Northern Kenya)
    • Rosanna Tramutoli, A Sociolinguistic Description of Gíing’áwêakshòoda: A Register of Respect Among Barbaig Speakers in Tanzania
    • Alice Bellagamba and Marco Gardini, What is a “Slave”? Neo-Abolitionism and the Shifting Meanings of Slavery in Two African Contexts (Highlands of Madagascar, Southern Senegal)
    • Joanna Lewis, Dynasties and Decolonization: Chieftaincy, Politics and the Use of History at the Victoria Falls, from the Precolonial to the Post-independence Period
    • Tom McCaskie, Alcohol and the Travails of Asantehene Osei Yaw
  • Autori / Contributors