Verso il crollo della «Repubblica dei partiti»: le conseguenze della morte di Falcone sulla politica italiana

Autore: Giovanni Mario Ceci
In: Meridiana. 97
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The article aims to provide an analysis of the effects of the assassination of Giovanni Falcone (May 1992) on Italian politics. It is divided into three different levels of analysis. First off, it investigates 1) the perspective and goals of the murderers of Falcone and attempts to verify, adopting an historical approach, if the political objectives the murderers hoped to achieve through Falcone’s assassination were actually realized. Then, it takes into examination 2) the short-term political consequences related to the Capaci massacre. Finally, the article formulates 3) some interpretations about the medium and long-term consequences of the assassination of Falcone on the Italian political system.

Keywords: Connections between mafia and politics; End of the Cold War; Falcone murder.