La rivoluzione è finita, la guerra continua. Carceri, pentiti e dissociati 1980-87

Autore: Gabriele Licciardi
In: Meridiana. 97
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This article aims at investigating the period during which armed struggles appeared in Italy (1980-1987), focusing on how terrorists utilized anti-terrorism laws passed by the Italian Parliament to fight against democracy. The author argues that the terrorists were aware of the impossibility of defeating the State by means of weapons; indeed, they relied on turncoats who developed a political system aimed at undermining the fundamental principles of Italian democracy. This essay also investigates the central role of the victim in the construction of national identity. The relationship between the Italian Republic and its past, since the eighties, is organized around the alternative memory/history, that is, public/private. In the end, the private memory dimension prevailed, focused on personal pain, compared to public entities such as the State or parties. In the fight against terrorism and the mafia, in the «public use of history», the pain or courage of individuals has prevailed, politics has been identified as the evil to start from getting free by appealing to the anti-political «civil society».

Keywords: Terrorism; Turncoat; Dissociate; Anti-politics.