The Tunisian ʻŪd ʻArbī and Its North African Identity

Autore: Salvatore Morra
In: Africa. N.S. II/2, 2020
DOI: 10.23744/3190
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This article examines various identities of the Tunisian musical instrument ʻūd ʻarbī within the context of North African mālūf music. In combining techniques such as interviews, analysis of texts and artefacts in musical instrument museums in Tunisia and abroad, I chart aspects of the instrument and consider evidence indicating that it has paths of influences from West African lutes, what I call an “African phenomenon”. Drawing on theories and methods from ethnomusicology, and material culture, my article contributes an ethnographic and music-centred approach to interdisciplinary debates about post-colonial nationalism and cultural identity in North Africa.

keywords: music, tunisia, north africa, identity, material culture