Lavori verdi? Pratiche e profili professionali nella transizione ecologica

Autori: Marco Alberio, Davide Arcidiacono
In: Meridiana. 98, 2020
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The issue of a green revolution, especially after the pandemic emergency, is increasingly urgent and the relationship between the environmental crisis and the labour crisis seems strongly intertwined. In particular, various international and national analysis have highlighted a significant employment impact of all efforts towards a sustainable economy. This introduction aims to contribute to a critical examination of the concept of green economy and its impact on labour and employment, overviewing some of the studies and analysis having systematized the different narratives about the ecological transition and the relationship between work transformation and ecological transition. At the same time, we tried to analyse the heterogeneity of professional practices and social challenges for a sustainable economy through a plural approach that crosses different disciplinary and sectoral points of view. Furthermore, our contribution confirms the importance of focusing attention on small and medium-sized businesses and on professional and self-employment paths within specific local economies, which would offer a much more fertile point of view on the complexity of developing a sustainable economy.

Keywords: green jobs; professional practices; sustainability; small-medium firms.